To my future children

I’m scared for you. Surely you know that we live in a world that looks at you as a pariah. Even as a good person, you could lose your life for just jogging at the park, playing video games at home or leaving your bachelor party. It frightens me terribly, but there’s one thing that [...]

Back to YouTube I Go

Well after lots of prayer and contemplation, I've made the decision to go back to YouTube. I'm putting everything on this channel from beauty (with a little extra) to diys to just randomness .I'm just ready guys, it's time to have a good time. All the things I bought from Amazon were things for my [...]

School News

I've had some issues with my advisors at my school over something so simple. I took two courses at my previous school, passed them and they transferred to my present school. Unfortunately, the courses are not showing up. Needless to say, I'm a little pissed. I could possibly have my graduation date pushed back based [...]

Dear Amazon

You bald headed harlot, I went to your site to order eyebrow shapers, because your competitor WalMart in my area wanted to be some stingy whores and not have the shapers that I wanted. I found the eyebrow shapers, unfortunately I also purchased $95 of other items as well. Damn you Amazon!!! I love you [...]