Advice: I hate my husband’s cooking

First Message!!!!!

I have been married for two years to a great guy and I love everything about him except one thing, his cooking. Omg! It’s the most flavorless s*it I have ever tasted and I told him that. He gets so upset that I don’t eat his food but if I cooked like he did, I don’t think he would stay married to me. Help me Jess the more I talk about the more tension between us grow.


First I want to say thanks for being my first advice post for my blog. You have to give him credit for effort. Stop ridiculing him and cook with your husband, have a romantic night of dinner and a movie at home, candles, some cheap flowers and Netflix. Make a cute dinner with your husband like spaghetti (that’s easy) salad and Texas toast. When you are cooking with him help him don’t hover around him.

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