I’m sorry

I’m sorry but I am who I am. I’m sorry im not married to the first guy I met. I still live at home with my mom and I want to be independent before I get into a relationship. I’m sorry I don’t have children, I still believe in being married before having a family. […]

Trying Yoga

For a long time since my early teenage years I’ve had issues with anxiety and depression. I think the older I get it becomes a bit more worse, I try to keep a smile on my face and it helps but I just want to be happier. I hear that yoga really helps with clearing […]

Jess vs. Beauty

I have a confession: I haven’t put on makeup in almost seven years. I want to start blogging about beauty to show you guys my mini makeover and teach myself about some new shit. I’ve been on YouTube and it pisses me off to infinity and beyond (Buzz Lightener) to see a lot of these […]