5 things I Hate About Customer Service

Before I start , I want to say that you people out here that want to say “get another job”, I want you to get your favorite cup from your kitchen cabinets , fill it all the way to the rim with bleach and drink it.

We work hard for minimum pay and in return we get disrespected by spoiled, spiteful people who are inadequate in their lives.

Ok let’s start:

1. People who come in two minutes before closing. We hate you, we really hate you. Reading is fundamental, if you knew that you would have known that we close at 10pm.

2. Dumbass management. I have a manager who steals lottery tickets, need I say more.

3. Customers who put money on the counter instead of my hand. Don’t nobody want to touch your dirty ass hand anyway.

4. Customers that don’t speak. I’m being courteous and you’re being a dick.

5. Customers that don’t clean up after themselves. I’m sorry you were raised by wolves but please stop pissing on the floor.

You don’t know a person’s struggle until you got through it.

Tell me you pet peeves.

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