My Voice

I’m from the descendants of a people who were stolen from their homes for monetary gain. I’m from descendants who could not vote, considered as property , beaten for going into a whites only store by accident or just walking down a street . You want a cookie cutter blogger (hopefully vlogger) you might need […]

Be Honest

Tonight I messed up , I was supposed to go to the beach during my vacation and instead I’m going to a water park. The arrangements were made at the last minute and things have been falling apart for lack of communication and I don’t want to go but it’s my friend’s birthday,  I just […]


I LOVE BLOGGING!!! I want to blog about everything but I don’t want to be stretched thin plus since I haven’t hit the lotto I still gotta get up and go to work. As of now I want to blog about beauty and that’s still number one to me. I want to blog style but […]