I want to blog about everything but I don’t want to be stretched thin plus since I haven’t hit the lotto I still gotta get up and go to work. As of now I want to blog about beauty and that’s still number one to me. I want to blog style but I still don’t know how to blend my style , I’m a blend between Michelle Obama and red carpet Kim K , I know that’s a big contrast but those are the main styles I connect with. Now with that being said, this will be the first and last post I will bring up Kim, yes she has some style but I just can’t deal with the antics. I’m so fearful of being like other beauty and style bloggers. Plus I’m still wrestling with starting a YouTube channel, but there’s been some drama on the site within youtubers beauty and otherwise plus the fake , smiley clean cut vlogger isn’t me one bit.


  1. I find being me across all mediums gives me personally a synergy that can be recognised regardless of whether it’s one of my doodles or pieces of flash fiction.

    Blog about what you want, be you, and your blog will have its own theme and style of you. 😊


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