Why I’m not doing a YouTube channel

This may change one day over the rainbow.

This post was inspired by another blogger Ms. Makemeover xoxo and her honest and sincere post of not dealing with YouTube.

Well sweeties I am about to give you ladies and gentlemen a straight with no chaser ass reality check with my reasons for not starting a channel.

Now of course you guys will think that I am turning down a possible financially stable opportunity but my sanity and dignity is more important.


Oh yeah YouTube has channels now where people can look at your videos with a reaction and get paid off your work. Copyright infringement is not a concerning issue and I don’t have time for them snatching whatever good ass material I have for likes and subscribers. Oh and let’s not forget about the big YouTubers that snatch smaller YouTubers ideas and without credit or recognition will make it seem like they came up with it .

Racists ass remarks

I have seen black and white beauty vloggers say some of the most ignorant comments I have ever heard in life without getting their channels removed. 


Light vs Dark skin

I’m too cute to not get any opportunities from sponsors or companies because I’m not light, bright and damn near white or racially ambiguous.


Fuck smaller YouTubers

Big YouTubers forget about their humble beginnings and don’t care about nothing but getting money.


Fake ass personalities

Everything is fairy dust and unicorns, meanwhile Jeffrey Star is talking about using battery acid on black models for his cosmetics products and they don’t want to talk about that.


This is just part one and I may have another one but tell me how you guys what you think of YouTube.

7 thoughts on “Why I’m not doing a YouTube channel

  1. There are a lot of problems with YouTube as a community, and you mentioned a lot of them. I had a YouTube channel for a while but eventually ended up deleting it because of reasons like this. Also I think it’s good of you to not do YouTube even though it would be lucrative for you because it seems like most youtubers now are just in it for the money/sponsorships.

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