Quitting my Job!

Okay ladies and gentlemen before you get the champagne and confetti, I haven’t quit my job, yet. I’ve made the decision to start doing some freelance work so that I can quit my job soon.

I’m over working for a company that doesn’t appreciate me because I don’t kiss ass. I kick ass first and take names last.

The last straw happened Thursday morning when my new female manager was sexually harassed by a random customer and instead of someone taking up for her, it was swept under the rug. I was so disgusted with the outcome of the situation I was really ready to quit.

Then I forgot about the extra money I would earn through overtime so for a laptop.

But I’m done with the bull and I’m over these dumb ass managers. I’m thankful to have been blessed with work but I believe it’s time for me to leave my job and to do better.


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