Positive People are Key

Lately I’ve learned that it’s important to be around people that are striving for the better. At first I didn’t understand that, I thought that it didn’t matter what part of life you are in at the moment, you should be open to people no matter what. Then I woke up.

I used to have a few friends and family I used to stay close to and in the few months  I’ve been distant and cutting out people that aren’t for me, family included.

I’m ready to go back to college and earn my degree and start my own business, actually have a career. I’m over sitting at the store looking at the cars go by wondering when I’m going to go away from this country ass town. I would tell them how I felt and nobody wanted to listen and that’s a problem. I’m not a nagging person I can tell when someone isn’t listening .

I have a family member that loves reality television and that’s not my knack , I’m a Walking Dead type of girl (side note: the show is coming back October 23) . We got into an argument over me not calling for one day, now if she had a situation then she would have a right to be upset but to be mad over something so small I was over it and over her.

The lesson is: if you’re trying to do better be around people who are trying to do better and are willing to help you without saying the ” I told you so”.

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