Things Just Got Real

I believe that God has a way of speaking to you and it comes in threes and those threes represent the Sun, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Oh my goodness I feel like Joel Olsteen is going to pop out of my laundry room from that previous sentence. From if you’re new to my blog, I just want to give you a quick update, I hate my job and I’m looking for another job as a freelance writer or anything that has to do with office administration. So this past week has been the weirdest but eye-opening experience of my life and I’m about two seconds away from contacting the Catholic Church.

Tuesday October 23rd or Sunday October 21st : Store vendor for our local newspaper passes away from an alleged heart attack. No wife or children just his brother and his dogs.

Saturday October 27th: My new manager’s grandfather dies.

Monday October 31st: My aunt (who passed away in January) it was her birthday, she would have been 68 years old. I took that day off and my assistant manager had to close, while she was at work she found out her father passed away.

See how things are coming in threes? Scary isn’t it?

I don’t what the Lord has in store for the rest of this year or 2017 but my heart and mind can’t take anymore loss.


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