Mom’s Help

Parents can be so complicated. Thursday morning I had three companies call me for interviews and I was absolutely excited, I thought my financial woes would be dead for the new year, I was wrong. If you guys don’t know I do not have transportation with the exception of Mommie Dearest, so when I told her about the interviews she flipped out and said disagreed with the possibility of messing with her work schedule.

In her soft but stern voice she said, “we’ll talk about this when I get home.”

Least to say I was nervous as hell, I thought she was about to get in my ass with the lethal verbal assault to end all lethal verbal assault.

I know a job that’s hiring and they start off better than what you received at the convenience store (side note that was $8.00 and hour).

“Where?” I asked.

“My job.” She said

In my mind I said “FUCK!” But I need a job you guys and if they take me then I’ll have no choice but to take it.

Today I turned in my resume and sent in my online application. Lets see what happens you guys. Did I forget to tell you guys that the job is a 12 shift job out of town, which is not an issue for me, especially when you live in a small ass town full of small minded people (not all just a large size). Since I’ve lost my job I’ve been praying to God for work and if this is a way for him to bless me then I have no choice but to take it.

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