Ten Reasons I’m Thankful I was Fired

The only thing I hate about being fired is not getting a paycheck. I’m broke with no money but I’m free and I’m so glad that I don’t have to work for an ass backwards company like that ever again. So here’s ten reasons  I’m thankful that my ass was fired.

  1. Constant sexual harassment

If it wasn’t the manager it was the elderly men wanting me to bend over and pick up things are asking me to come home with them. I actually had a manager tell me if he wasn’t engaged he wouldn’t mind having sex with me since I was the most attractive employee in the company.

2. Dirty customers

Shit on the men’s bathroom floor or used feminine products or female menstrual waste in the bathroom floor? Which one would you like to clean? I know both are nasty, but lets add on to that situation, let’s add that we shared the building with a restaurant that didn’t have to clean the bathroom and I had to clean the bathrooms every night that I had to close.

3. Rude customers

If it’s not having my hand out and the customer still wants to put the money on the counter, it’s being called a bitch for asking for identification during a beer and tobacco exchange.

4. Jacked Schedule

My schedule was changed like changing my underwear. One day I would work 4-10 the next day I could work from 2-11, let’s not forget about the times I’ve worked seven days, was owed a bonus and never received them .

5. Dumbass Management

I worked at that store for almost two years and in those two years, I’ve witnessed four managers leave (get fired) and the new people are just dumb as hell. I had a supervisor tell me that my store manager didn’t have to close the store because she was a manager but my previous manager and a present manager at a neighboring store had to close. Oh I forgot to tell you guys that they hired a girl that had never worked in our part in retail as a store manager. Someone who worked as a cashier at a Dairy Queen and WalMart  was hired as a store manager at a gas station. I’m not bullshitting you.

6. Theft Accusations

Every month the auditors came in and there’s a shortage , you’re stealing. Sorry corporate but the last time I checked we had five other convenience stores on the same boulevard we’re on and nobody wants our products especially out of date products that nobody except me was picking out of the store and making sure we were receiving credits back from the vendors. You know what I’ll ask you guys this: We sell a small Pepsi for $1.06 and another store up the street are selling that same Pepsi for $0.62. Which one are you going to choose? Exactly.

7. Lack of Safety Awareness

In the first week of my new store manager working at the store, she was “touched” by a customer. She reported it to her supervisor and instead of them coming to check on her and helping find out who this guy was they looked the other way. Oh I forgot to tell you guys about management wanting me to stay at the store in the darkness during Hurricane Matthew. Yes, my town was in darkness at 4pm and didn’t have electricity until 12pm the next day. I closed the store alone at 10 and 11 at night and I asked them when they could hire more people so that I wouldn’t be alone at night, they laughed at me.

8. Racists remarks

Little miss new manager (a Caucasian female in her early twenties) called an elderly regular Black customer a Black bitch , need I say more. Ok Mr. Sexual Harassing Manager said that my natural hair looked like wet tight jheri curl.

9. Dumbass Coworker

One co worker, not little miss manager , but old bitty assistant manager has worked for the company for almost six years and she still messes up on paperwork. Did I forget to tell you that when she has the morning deposit (thousands of dollars) to take to the bank she has people in the car with her when she drops her money which is against policy. Oh she’s stolen lottery tickets and has cashed them at other stores. I forgot to tell you guys about how she talks shit about our customers . She talked so much shit that another co worker that quit came to the store and cursed her in front of other customers. What makes it even worse is that she’s almost sixty years old.

10. Working Holidays

While management is home scratching their asses we were working during Christmas and we only had ten customers. Sure holiday pay is cute but I can’t turn back time I could have spent with family.

So ladies and gentlemen here’s my ten reason why I’m glad I was fired now back to the job searching. If you guys have any experiences, comment and tell me your story.

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