Holiday Reflection

In your darkest hours you have to have a positive outlook on life. I’m going through the hardest thing in my life having to find a new job and not able to help my mom but I still try to wake up in the morning and look at the bright side of life. Sure it’s hard especially when you’re being nagged to death but I still find a way to smile. As you guys know I suffered a loss in January and I will tell you that her transition from being a healthy lady to going through chemo to taking her last breath has given me a deeper understanding of being grateful. She told me that even with her Stage 4 cancer she was going to fight and she did. Her fight   taught me that there’s more to life than money, hell even people with money have problems but my point is with everything going on in the world I don’t have time to keep wondering how others feel about me or my decisions. I also noticed that I have a big heart and in some cases it has gotten me in a lot of trouble but I would rather leave a legacy of love than a legacy of riches.

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