Work Life

From the gas station to a LED company,  seriously I’m now a semiconductor machine operator. Least to say, I’m very thankful for the upgrade but with the upgrade comes the bull.

I’ve  been at my new job for almost three months so now I’m done with the honeymoon phase. If it’s not going working through a temp agency, it’s the lazy co workers but I will say that it’s better than cleaning nasty bathrooms and dealing with the fears of getting robbed for the money in the register.  I can actually eat lunch in a lunchroom instead a cramped office space.

I have a rotating shift now but it’s better than a random schedule . I work 12 hours which is too much for anyone but when you need a job it doesn’t matter .

I work with people from different cultures which is great but I sometimes think about my regular customers.

There’s more opportunities for growth within and outside the company since production and manufacturing is needed . In the U.S all you need is the experience in some cases for a production job.

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