A Natural Makeover

You’re as old as you feel and I feel 21 but I’m looking about 32 with two kids and an incoming mustache. Lately I’ve been thinking about trying something different. I’m​ a machine operator which calls for long hours, abundant fast food meals, weird ass sleep hours and no exercing. Each day I wake up and walk to my refrigerator and warm up leftovers from the night before I wonder: Should I be eating this?


And then I eat it because I don’t want to waste a good meal and get ready for a long shift.

Two weeks ago I had an epiphany, I have money, not a lot, but enough to purchase the ingredients needed for better meals. I also can purchase​ ingredients needed for better skin. Since high school I’d mix things in my mother’s kitchen to make my hands a little softer after a long day of school work. Sure I would get cursed out for mixing sugar with hand soap but it worked. Flash forward ten years later and I’m 27 with a bit of a pudge and skin that looks dull.

So welcome to my beauty (DIY and organic only), health and beauty blog.

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