Freeman Brightening Peel-Off Gel Mask Review

Alright ladies and gentlemen this is the first beauty post for the blog but I’m going to treat this sucker like a college paper. I’m going to use the 5 W’s (Who? What? When? Where? Why?) and the 1 H (How?).

Sidenote: Don’t mind the big ass zit on my forehead or the grandma night gown and head scarf, it’s almost 1am.


Tonight’s product is the Freeman Brightening Peel-off Gel Mask and to be honest, I was a bit underwhelmed. It’s a green tea and orange blossom scent but I smelt more orange blossom than green tea.


I used this product after washing my face with the Biore Charcoal face wash. In the directions it says to have a clean, dry face before applying the mask.


I got the mask from Walmart for $1.83.


Well my face has been looking a bit dull lately plus I had some blackheads that were very visible and I thought it could help. Plus I have combination skin and the mask is for normal to combo skin types.


I applied the face mask, after washing my hands and left it on my face for 20 minutes . Since it’s in a non closable packet it’s only needed for one application. I peeled it from the chin up, as directed and needless to say, there was no change (hence the lack of no after picture of my face). My face is softer but the blackheads are still visible.

Now it might be different for you guys but it’s gonna be a no for me.


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