New Beginnings

In my short life I've came to one realization: There's more to life than just a paycheck. We all gotta gift that God has given us to share with the world. I would rather try to use my gift to help others than to live a lie. I'm going to become a freelance writer. It's [...]

I’m fat

So I took a shower earlier today and realized something. I'm fat. Not Biggie Smalls fat but not toned and got a muffin top starting to form. It's not cute at all guys so I've been eating a little better especially at work. I don't bring the heavy meals I used to have for dinner. [...]

Banana Mango Smoothie

Banana Mango Smoothie

  Okay ladies and gents I'm here with a tasty breakfast or anytime smoothie. I hope you all will enjoy it if you try it.  It's actually filling and delicious. Ingredients: 1/2 banana ($ 0.98 per pound) I cup of cut frozen mangos ($0.59 per pound) 1/4 cup of Zico coconut water ($1.38) 1/2 cup [...]