Your BFF Budget

I’ve been cleaning my room for the past three hours and you guys, I have came to the realization that I have no style.

What the heck am I doing?

I still had clothes from high school in my closet (I graduated in 2007) and not very many outfits that I felt comfortable in. When you work at a factory, you have a tendency to wear “comfortable clothes”, which isn’t an issue until you want to go out. You want to go out with your friends and all you have is some steel toed shoes and work clothes.

Why the expensive ass clothes?

I’ve been a fan of fashion and beauty blogs for years and my hesitation for starting mine is the lack of concern when dealing with a budget. I would like to start an affordable but tasteful style, food (because food is life) and celeb ( and current events) news blog.


So I can show you guys my makeover, I think it would be cool to show you guys my ups and downs of reclaiming my feminine style and being a girl again instead a factory worker. Plus I want to let everybody know that there’s nothing wrong with a budget. A budget is your BFF, unless your Beyoncé.

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