Dear Self

Stop sweating the small stuff girl, you have so much going for yourself and to let it go over things that are so miniscule. Stop depending on people for your happiness only you and Christ can bring that, no one else. Be bold, unleash the woman that you are ready to become. You know you can do it, so do it, let all the negativity and negative people go.  Remember that people that bring in negativity can mess you up and the goals that you’re trying to accomplish. Shut up, don’t tell everyone the goals you need to accomplish because you might be jinxing yourself.

As in the love department: Girl stay away from the sexy male co worker. Always remember that if someone wants to be with you they will be with you and do everything they can to keep you. Be aware that people (male or female) lie to get a reaction and every action doesn’t need a reaction. Peep the B.S. and move on.

Mental Health: Pray more. When you ask, believe, and work hard, you will receive it, with God’s help. Stop doubting yourself.

Physical health: Yes tacos,  pizza, alcohol and coffee are life and a wonderful gift from Christ, in moderation.  Workouts as much as you don’t want to, you need to. I mean sweetie you’re almost 30 years old and your face is starting to show it. DRINK MORE WATER GIRL!!!!

Love God, love your family and last but not least, love yourself.


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