Releasing my Anger

I knew you in the beginning and now you treat me like a stranger. I wanted to love you and care for you and you treat me like trash. I deserve better and I will get it but I just need to release this anger first. I need to release the disappointment of letting you in. Letting you know too much about me to now you’re using it against me. I’m sad to see us at this place, we’re strangers not friends. You talk to the other people way more than you talk to me. You treat me like a street walker asking for a hit. I told you how I felt about you and you ignored me. You ignored me and you broke my heart. You have made me become a person that has started using a word that I don’t like to use but I can describe my feelings about you: hate. Lord forgive me for using that word but I’m just so angry and I can’t share it with close family because of the humiliation it carries. I hate the fact that you tried to use me as a sexual object instead of your friend, that’s how we started as, friends. You asked for my phone number, you promised me dates and intimacy. There are times that I just want to cause physical harm but I’m too cute for prison and my family needs me. So for now I’m going to keep smiling in front of family and friends and keep crying in the dark. I would bust the windows out of your car but your ass doesn’t have a car.

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