A Question for Black People

Side note: I’m not addressing all black people I’m addressing the percentage of ignorant black people and other people of color. All races will be asked questions as well.

Why do you say ignorant things when you see other black people protesting against bigotry?

Responses like: “Dem niggas crazy going out there protesting.”

🤦🏽‍♀️  Bitch I can’t. We protest because we are sick and tired of the lies and unfair treatment. The unfair treatment that has been affecting us since our kidnapping, rape, murder, and etc. of our ancestors for 400 years. One hundred and fifty years later and we’re still being mistreated by people that are supposed to protect us (the police). Trayvon Martin and 54 other people who have been killed by these mentally challenged, mentally unstable, and trigger happy cops do not deserve to die in vain. So you think about before you respond with these ignorant responses. As a matter a fact, try saying that to these victims families and see the response you get.

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