I might have a problem.  I got off of work today and I went to Walmart with my mother to get some candy for Valentine’s Day and a bottle of wine. I got my bottle and I was happy at first, but then my mother said something that really made me nervous. Jessica why are you drinking so much?  Honestly I couldn’t answer her, I just stop I was getting a bottle of wine and enjoy it for the holiday. But I forgot about the dinner date my mother and I have play tonight at the Mexican restaurant.  Usually I will get a margarita but since I have a bottle of wine I will not be getting the margarita. Now don’t get me wrong, I am going to be a little bit salty but if my mom is saying that I might have a problem with my drinking then she might be on to something.  So today is not only Valentine’s Day but it is the first day of Lent so starting tomorrow which I mean I’m sorry but bought a $8.50 bottle of wine I’m going to at least get one cup of wine tonight.   I have to stop drinking for 40 days so from February 15 to March 30 I will stop drinking. As difficult as I know it’s going to be I am going to work hard at this journey of not drinking alcohol, just for my Mom but for myself .

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