College at 28 ?

What in all hell am I thinking?

I have made the decision to re apply to college. Yes, after six years, I am going to throw my hat back into the field of education. Why now? After all these years, the decision came easy for me, but if you really want me to get deep then here it goes.

May 2012- April 2015 : I was living with my step mother, my brother, and sister so that I could get a job and finish college. Needless to say, I was not able to find a job, I had to quit college (my senior year) , go back to the country, and became a stripper (for a very, very, very short time).  Stayed in my room for 2.5 years (in the dark) . Worked as a cashier for almost 2 years, got fired for stupid shit and ended up working at the company where my mother works.

In hindsight: My mom worked so hard to keep from working at place like that and here I am today working there. I think that she’s happy I’m working because it’s better than being at a raggedy “strip club” (side note she don’t know about that short stint ). The manufacturing job is an honest job that pays but that 12 hour, rotational work week is exhausting.

Anyways, I’m practically starting over and I’m a little bit nervous, I’m nervous as hell, and I feel like the old lady in the nightclub. Y’all know about the old lady in her forties in the nightclub trying to get her youth back. I’m just ready to get back to school and finally graduate.

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