Three Struggles of Starting a YouTube Channel

Yes ladies and gentlemen I’m starting a You Tube channel, after all the reluctance and doubts, I’ve came to the conclusion that I need to become transparent. Yes guys I know big words.  These struggles and setbacks during the setup of my channel made me want to quit but that would be a bit of a disappointment.

So lets begin shall we 😉

  1. Crazy work schedule

You guys know that I’m a factory worker, I work a rotational 12 hour work week. What does that mean? One week I work for 12 hours for five days and the next week I work 12 hours for two days. When I get off work at 8am, I eat some breakfast and I take my cute beautiful black ass to sleep.

2.  Censorship

When you live at home with your mother and uncle it can be very difficult to do an uncut review about Orange is the New Black. Yeah forget the new YouTube policies.

3. Topics

What the hell am I going to talk about? I mean I like different things, food, beauty, tv, fashion, I mean damn. Its cool I don’t care, I’ll do it all.

There’s more struggles that will come during this new journey but until then, I’ll just put on a seatbelt.

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