Harry and Meghan: My Royal Wedding Review

I want to start off and say that I’ve been awake since 1:00 am, so I saw everything from the beginning. But, I have to be honest, I wasn’t going to see the wedding because I wasn’t really interested, I didn’t see William and Kate’s wedding and I didn’t consider it any difference. My change of heart came from the obvious fact that Meghan is half-Black, and of course for the rest of the worlds eyes that means, BLACK. I had to see how this strict and heavily traditional monarchy was going to react to their relative marrying someone that’s totally opposite from them. Harry and Meghan have a lot in common with working in humanitarian work and having divorced parents, and I believe that’s what made me want to watch their nuptials.

No offense to William and Kate but they come off as a bit stuffy  (like Grandma Elizabeth II)  everything must be followed by protocol. Harry and Meghan are more loving and realistic and people, especially people in interracial relationships, I can see why so many connected with them. The fact that Harry followed his heart made me feel the love for him and an extra love for the late Lady Diana. I was eight- almost nine years old when Lady Diana was killed in that car accident in Paris. I remember Elton John singing at her funeral, I remember her brother the Earl Charles Spencer ( side note: he was MIA) speaking at her funeral, and I remember George Clooney having a press conference speaking on the paparazzi being the cause of the crash.  I watched the wedding on ABC and I love the fact that they honored Diana and added a clip on how she raised her children to have compassion. Now here’s the weird and full circle part, Diana was 36 went she died and Meghan is 36 years old , oh and I almost forgot about the darn picture of her being at Buckingham Palace as a young girl. I know crazy!!

Okay so lets talk about the celebrities, for a short second, Idris Elba, George Clooney and David Beckham were sexy . Oprah looked a bit uncomfortable to me, especially in those kitten heels (meow). Victoria Beckham looked stiff as a board. Serena Williams looked beautiful as always with her curvaceous form and her gorgeous braids. Meghan’s Suits co-stars were alright, well the women, most definitely Priyanka Chopra were stunning. The guys, not so much. Kate was beautiful, Charlotte and George were adorable, William looked dapper (I just need him to get rid of all the hair).

Now to the main event:

I did cry a little bit when I saw Meghan in the car with her mother , it was touching and sweet. Harry looked really handsome and relaxed, like he knew he made the right decision. I love the way they looked each other, I loved the way they held hands during the vows.

Brutally honest moment:

I did not like Meghan’s wedding dress, it was so blah. The veil was beautiful but she needed a little bit of color. Honestly, the lack in embroidery and color was made up by other parts of the  wedding. The flowers, the reverend Curry, the chaplain and choir and the cellist.

I was all for the blending of the cultures, I loved the fact that Reverend Curry brought up Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Balm in Gilead, and slavery in the U.S., I felt all of his love by each word and all the emotion.  I also felt and witnessed the confusion on some of the British royals and socialites faces while Reverend Curry was preaching and the Black choir started singing. I could tell that the royals are a bit stiff as I said earlier, but damn could we get a little bit of emotion. Anyways, when the lovely couple kissed, they looked so happy and in love and altogether full of emotions. Meghan added as much Black culture as she could and the royal family wasn’t having it. Oh and I really wasn’t cool with the news repeatedly bringing up that she was divorced, I mean damn Prince Charles was divorced too or did they forget that part.

In conclusion, I’m happy I witnessed this wedding , it was a part of my history, Black history. I’m happy they married each other for love and not for convenience. I’m happy that zero fucks were given when they married for love and not for tradition.

Tell me what you guys thought of the Royal wedding.




3 thoughts on “Harry and Meghan: My Royal Wedding Review

  1. I loved your review! It’s the first one I’ve read about the weeding! And you are right to was making history. It’s mystifying to me how people don’t realize that. You don’t have to care about the royal family at all but this was nonetheless an important and historical event. Harry is lucky and so is Meghan, all the happiness to them! 😊❤️✊🏾

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    1. Oh my goodness thank you!! I was a little bit nervous about doing a review because you know how people are about the royal family. My royal family is the Obamas. Just saying.

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