Where Have I Been?

Y’all I have gone, MIA (missing in action). Honestly, I took a cute little mini vacation and came back to some straight up no chaser, bullshit. I came home from my cute little mini trip to be told by my madre that my cousin, along with her three children will be in my home. Bring in the depression emoji please. They are dealing with some financial issues and they need the help so, yeah. I just can’t deal right now, the home is a three bedroom- two bathroom house ( side note: only six people are using the bathroom). I’m trying to get ready to do stuff for the blog and YouTube channel and other things (GETTING A CAR) and here comes the monkey wrench. The only bright side of this is my old friend from college is coming to town to see me. I just feel like I’m in a box and my mom isn’t listening , so I might have to get the big guns and do some drastic stuff.

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