Biore Fucked Up my Face


Sorry for the language but I gotta speak my mind.

Two, almost three weeks ago, I bought the Biore Baking Soda Face Cleanser for combination skin. I fucked up, I messed up so bad that it’s irritated the hyperpigmentation especially around the mouth area. So needless to say, I got rid of that face wash and bought my fall back face wash (Cetaphil) and as a toner, witch hazel (the real, expensive T.N. Dickinson).


I’ve had a good history with Biore, especially with the nose strips, so maybe they’re changing the ingredients but I know that my money will not be spent on another Biore product. I don’t even wanna show you guys a picture of me right now.

So have you guys had a product eat your face and have you think you’re a child of Shrek? Let’s talk about it.

2 thoughts on “Biore Fucked Up my Face

  1. Dang! I’ve only used Biore for nose strips because they work very well. Most of my skincare is Korean. When I was a pre-teen I tried the Neutrogena oil-free acne wash (the pink one) and it gave me a horrible skin reaction, red bumps. I haven’t touched a Neutrogena product since then lol

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    1. Oh my goodness!! You know what? I went to Walmart yesterday to buy the Cetaphil but before I bought it I looked at the Neutrogena (the pink face wash) but I changed my mind. If the cetaphil doesn’t work I’m really considering making my own facial cleansers.

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