If you’re a friend, associate or family member, you will be blocked, with no hesitation. I believe in the spreading of positivity and negativity, if you bring positivity, expect good things, if you bring negativity, bad things will come. I have blocked relatives on social media with no problem and have been addressed about it, and I gave zero f**ks. I recommend if you have a negative person around you do whatever you can to get away from them. I don’t care if you have to purchase some incense or sage, get that negative energy off of you. Your house might smell like a herbal store but if it helps, do it, if you lean on a deity (Jesus, Buddha, or Muhammed) lean on them and work hard to find out how to get out. Remember that your mental health and stability is more important than keeping bad people around you.

So how do you guys deal with negative people?

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