Shitty Skincare Products: July-August 2018

I know its two weeks into August but I’ve been testing out another facial cleanser and writing my opinion on that product. Oh but this evening I got time, I got the time to talk about the shitty products I purchased. I tried two other facial cleansers.


The Cetaphil face and body soap bar: Now I thought that this was going to be a life saver since the Biore fucked my face up debacle. I was wrong. It calmed the acne but made my face dry.

biore baking sodacetaphil

Clean and Clear sensitive skin facial cleanser: It made my face greasy after using it.

clean and clear

I’m now using the Olay Age Defying facial cleanser. Why the age defying facial cleanser? Well, I’ve got a few laugh lines so I have to keep them at bay and for now its keeping my face soft as a baby’s bottom.

olay age

So ladies and gentlemen that’s my take on these crappy products. Do you guys have any products that didn’t work for you?

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