90 Day Fiance Season 2 Episode 2 : Face to Face


Rachel has made it to the U.K. and she’s bringing Lucy to the country to see if he can handle fatherhood. What in the hell?! John didn’t show up at the airport and Rachel had to go to a train station with her eight month old baby. So she’s out her looking lost with her child in the middle of a train station in London.

Paul and Karine

Paul is on his way to Brazil to be with Karine, with his criminal record and sex toys in tow. But that’s not what makes him nervous, he’s nervous about this sexy American man she’s been making heart emojis on Instagram for.  Oh god he’s lost his luggage which includes boxes and with his paperwork and probably the sex toys. Paul is an anxious person who

Tarik 43

Virginia Beach, VA

He’s a single parent of a child with Autism. He hasn’t dated since the breakup of his relationship. He went to Thailand and liked it a lot to the point that he got on an Asian dating site. On that dating site, he met Hazel, 25, the ying to his yang, seriously he said that on the show. His family believes that Hazel is using him for his money, which I hope he hasn’t been sending this trick money.

Angela !!!

She’s leaving for Nigeria in this episode and they did the recap with Scottie bringing up the red flag. We have a problem as well, she’s supposed to be getting her visa but it hasn’t arrived and she supposed to go to the airport that day at 6pm. It’s 3pm and the post office told her that the visa is delayed. Angela is upset and has to tell Michael that she’s not coming to Nigeria. With her cell phone and Marlboro red cigarettes in her hands, she starts to cry.

Ricky the Catfish Victim

He’s on the plane to Columbia and the conversation has been cold but he’s got that engagement ring and that FUCKING FANNY PACK!!! Melissa did not meet him at the airport and he didn’t get a text back. How the hell is Ricky Latino and don’t speak no damn Spanish?

Darcey and Jesse

Darcey the pushover is still trying to shove her children down Jesse’s throat. Now last episode he said that Darcey was delusional, now he wants to talk about where the relationship is going and talk about her behavior on social media. Don’t get me wrong, Darcey is too old to get on social media and talk shit about him. Women her age don’t even get on social media like that and if they do, they only posting important stuff like family and trips . Jesse then starts telling Darcey that she needs to be a woman and own up to the social media rants about him. Wow, a 24 year old boy is telling a 42 year old woman with kids and a career that she needs to be a woman.

What an ass hole.  Honestly the more I keep looking at them the more I believe that it is a stunt. If it isn’t, then Darcey is dumber than I thought and Jesse really ain’t shit.


She didn’t get to go to Nigeria that night before but she got her visa by overnight delivery. She’s on her way to Nigeria !!! Angela has never travelled outside the U.S. and she’s nervous. Scottie spoke her last minute concerns during the two hour drive to the airport and of course her momma didn’t listen.  Oh and Scottie is older than Michael, I can’t.

Back to Asian Persuasion Tarik.

He’s hanging out with his brother Dean, the brutally honest big, little brother. He calls the Asian women on the dating sites are mail order bride all out to get money. Dean brings up that Hazel is still involved with her ex-boyfriend and has her clothes at his place. He has decided to come with his brother to Thailand and has to be told to be on his best behavior.


Her and baby Lucy is damn near stranded at Paddington Station with a baby. Oh my fucking goodness he lives with his mom! No problem, because he’s gotta save money to help take care of Lucy’s daycare. His friends brought up the spark, which is true, you need to have that spark. So what happens if its not there? He seems pretty cool.

Paul and Karine

They’re are at the hotel and she bought some cologne and of course he brings up the fact that it attracts mosquitos. What a bitch.

Dumbass Ricky

Ricky is getting ready for his date with “Melissa” and she hasn’t text him back. He’s speaking to the homie Carlos and tells him about her not responding to the texts. I like Carlos he didn’t say “I would do this” or “Go home.” He said I’m here and call me if you need me.


He’s leaving his daughter Ari. Awww. She’s going to be staying with her mother, who made a quick appearance, but didn’t speak. Dean is coming the day after Tarik’s arrival to spend some quality time with Hazel. Tarik had the ugliest outfit to the airport but he had the nicest engagement ring in his pocket, yes he’s going to propose to a woman he’s never met.


Still at the Paddington Station and she doesn’t have any damn money for a ticket to get back home or a hotel room. John is walking to the station and he’s so nervous that he’s vomiting, I think I might be wrong about Rachel and John’s relationship, they were so cute together. She still careless as hell for taking Lucy with her but as I say,” if she like it, I love it”.

Paul and Karine

They’re still at the hotel before meeting Karine’s parents. You guys, I’m so fucking over this translation app, I don’t know what to do. PAUL LEARN HOW TO SPEAK PORTUGUESE!!! KARINE LEARN DAMN ENGLISH!! Paul with his low self-esteem would bring up Joe (the sexy American on Instagram). He brings up the emojis on Joe’s IG page and asks her to take another pregnancy test. At that moment, Karine was supposed to go back to the Amazon.  But she walked away.


She’s in Lagos, Nigeria. Angela got the stares of one thousand Nigerians. We got a small intro to Michael and he’s love for Donald Trump. Really Michael? Michaels friends aren’t too excited about and says he fell in love with a grandma.

Dumbass Ricky

He’s at the restaurant in Columbia waiting on “Melissa”. With his fanny pack. She said she was coming at 7:30pm. She’s late, the flowers he brought her are dying and his patience is running low.

Next episode we’ll see if Ricky finally realizes that he’s a catfish. That’s all I know for now because my internet went out before the next week episode preview came out.


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