Being Jess

When I first started blogging, I thought I was going to pick a niche that was going to get a lot of followers. I have to be honest I thought I was going to be like Michelle Phan and be rich and famous. I was wrong, I like beauty, but I like food too, I also like to talk about my life, health and fitness, tv recaps, and my journey into starting a organic lifestyle. I believe after my aunts passing, I became a little more aware of the not so healthy ingredients in my everyday products. When there’s a possibility of whale sperm in your makeup you tend to think twice about where you spend your money. When there’s steroids in your food that may have caused your menstrual cycle to come at age nine, you may wanna think twice. When you eat candy at eight in the morning, you’re a bit greedy and need to learn how to back away from the table. I love tv and I know a little more than most about random celebrity and important people historical peoples past. So why not? I’m writing every thing that is apart of my life and I’m going to connect with as many people as possible.

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