The Burial

I didn’t think of you as trash, but others did, I didn’t care. Even though others warned me about you, I still took a chance. I remember the whispers of “he’s a bird”, “he’s a bum,” “he’s dirty”, I didn’t care I still took a chance with you and shared moments I can never get back. I didn’t care about you not having money. I didn’t care about the past because it showed that you overcame a lot. I spent time and money for you and I have now I’m here looking and feeling stupid. I will say this I asked God to get rid of any bad people and he did it. So as much pain as I’m in right now, I still thank God. I thank God because it gave me the clarity I needed to do better on my own and spend money on opportunities that will help me and my family . I will say that I have to take a break on this dating and sex stuff and get my life together, especially my education and other things.

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