Birth Control Diary

Well ladies and gentlemen, I got some news. I’m on the pill. No, I’m not having sex but I been sick as hell. I know I’ve been gone for a minute , so I have to catch you guys up. About two weeks ago, I suffered from menstrual cramps at work and became so ill that I needed my coworker to push me to the office in a office chair because I could barely walk. It was painful and embarrassing, I didn’t want my coworkers to see me in pain and I especially didn’t want to take off work. These cramps lasted from 8pm until 4am, after that I made an appointment to my local primary care and that’s when I was given birth control. I was given the Quasense (generic Seasonale)  after explaining my issues with (and sorry guys) heavy bleeding, horrible cramps, diarrhea and constipation.  I’m now on my third, almost fourth day on the pill and I’ve noticed little changes especially with my appetite. One moment I can barely eat, the next moment I could eat a horse. Well that’s all for now so if you ladies are on birth control please comment to talk about your experiences.

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