No Contact with the Narcissist

It was hard in the beginning but I noticed that once I blocked him, the healing began.  I got a horrible feeling when I saw him but afterwhile I started to not even notice him . It’s sad that it has to get to the point of treating him like a stranger. Just two weeks ago he wanted me to have his children, now he’s smiling in another woman face. He got a new target now since I’m not around him anymore. Maybe he’ll stay with her and make her go insane (she’s a toxic person too) I don’t really like her. She talks more about men than she do her children. I guess when one toxic person finds another one. . .

She tries to be nice to me but little does she I’ve heard her talking crap about me to another person, who I also don’t mess with because she’s a toxic person as well. I cannot be around people that believe in rejoicing in peoples pain. So I became distant and honestly I’m glad because once I see negativity I leave. I’m just done with the drama and bull from this individual and family members. Oh the family members, honey that’s another conversation for another day.


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