White Privilege and the Fyre Festival

Have you ever gave oral sex for water? No, me neither. Billy McFarland was so manipulative that he convinced a man (Andy the event planner) to go to a government official and perform oral sex.  For what you may ask?  Four 18 wheeler trucks full of Evian water.  Water for a festival, not for the [...]

Big News Guys

Ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen and ladies! I'm going back to college!!! I start next week. I was going through a moment of clarity during the dark ages (my time with the narcissist). I thought ," all this attention I'm giving him should be put into something more important." I made the decision to finally take [...]

Light in the Darkness

To the politicians that believe they are harming the federal workers by not giving them paychecks. You are just making it easier for them to realize that they should have their own businesses. They might have been scared to start their own businesses beforehand but I believe that not making no money at all and [...]