Menstrual Cups or Not?

Let me tell you guys about the cost of a monthly menstrual cycle.

Always “heavy” pads (26 count, with wings ) : $ 6.37

Super plus Tampons (Regular Cardboard): $ 6.46

Aleve pain reliever (24-25 pill count) : $4.25

Total: $17.08


I cannot deal, Now, I need my drugs because without them I will be stuck in the bed sick as hell. Imagine a Mortal Kombat tournament happening in your uterus, its horrendous.

So I been looking at menstrual cups on Amazon (of course) and considering purchasing the infamous cup. If I try it, I need the cup to be FDA approved and have good reviews. I will still use a pad as a extra precaution. So have you used a menstrual cup? Would you use a menstrual cup?   Lets tall about that.


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