White Privilege and the Fyre Festival

Have you ever gave oral sex for water?

No, me neither.

Billy McFarland was so manipulative that he convinced a man (Andy the event planner) to go to a government official and perform oral sex.  For what you may ask?  Four 18 wheeler trucks full of Evian water.  Water for a festival, not for the people of Flint, but rich kids paying for a festival that never happened.

That’s the only thing I’m speaking of when it comes to the Fyre festival documentary on Netflix and Hulu. Side note , Marc Weinstein the yoga guy is freaking cute. I think the Netflix documentary is better because it talks about how the people were affected. Hulu looks into the social media aspect and Billy. JaRule should be sued and anyone that was apart of the promotion of the festival (mainly the influencers: Kendall Jenner) should be sued.

This was not the first time Billy was involved in some scamming activities and honestly, it won’t be the last. I have to be honest, I thought,  “If Billy was a black man would he have made it as far as he did?” As I said before, this isn’t the first time Billy scammed people out of millions of dollars. Not saying that black people don’t scam, I’m saying that I’ve noticed a lot of the scammers that have been doing scams involving millions and in some cases billions of dollars are white. I believe there’s a trusting factor that people see when they see people like Billy and with an iron clad plan or something that looks iron clad. They saw a tech entrepreneur and didn’t think for one moment to look for the reviews for the companies that he was apart of. When it comes to a black business or other people of color businesses , owners, employees and products are looked at with a microscope.

What do you guys think? Did you see the Netflix and/or Hulu documentaries? Do you think white privilege was a factor in this scam? Do you think the influencers should be sued?

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