Where’s the post?

No excuses the post that I was supposed to give y’all yesterday was put on the back burner.


It was colder than a polar bears vagina yesterday that’s why!!!

I was supposed to get one more thing for my post but you guys I was so cold. I stayed in bed until 6pm. Then I went to the store and forgot to buy it because I was ready to get back home. Seriously the high was 34 degrees. The weather was starting to drop again when I went to the store. You guys I apologize for the inconvenience and I will make it up to you. Now I’ve been in some cold weather, I mean last winter we had 1 degree mornings, mind you, I live in NC. I guess I’ll never get used to it. But for the people that are in colder weather god bless you and your families and please stay warm.

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