My Face is Screwed up Once Again

I bought the Clean and Clear Morning Burst face wash and it has burned my face. I am officially done with trying products that are messing up my skin. I’ve wasted so much money trying to fix or at least handle my skin issues just to be disappointed. But there’s a silver lining. I’ve purchased some books and have been doing research on organic beauty again . If you’ve been subscribed to the blog for a while, you guys know about my early journey in organic beauty. Well, I believe now is the time to officially put my foot down and start a new journey . I’ll still try different products but I’m going to have a permanent organic skincare routine. Another thing i gotta think about is better eating habits. As you all know, I work third shift which leads to some unhealthy eating and drinks (sodas) habit. I’ve been drinking more green tea but on days that I have to work, I end up drinking energy drinks to stay up throughout the night. its bad but I’m willing to change.

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