It’s a planner review


Sometimes bigger isn’t better.

If you’re new to the blog, I’m a college dropout that decided to go back to college. In addition to going back to school, I’m working a 12-hour night shift job. Jesus be a shield. With my busy schedule, I needed a planner fast, but I didn’t want a plain planner with just dates and a short page of notes. I already had one, but my intuition told me to go on Amazon and look for another planner for school. I’m keeping the old planner for the blog.  I almost forgot, Walmart, you guys need to do better with the selection of planners in your stores.

The Search for a New Planner

I purchased the 2019 Bloom planner from Amazon but Bloom has a website, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook page full of productivity tips and giveaways. The planner is 6.5 X 8.25 it has beautiful marble graphics and gold spiral binding that caught my attention. It has tabs for twelve months, so its for 365 days. Now the visuals are beautiful, but I needed a little extra, I needed more notes. I saw the images to the left of the product description, and I noticed that they had pages for goals. I thought that was nice and needed especially with the goals and aspirations that I want to accomplish this year.

The Price

I thought I was paying too much money for a planner but when I received it, I got my moneys worth. The planner was $9.95 (before tax and shipping), the most I paid for a planner was $7.00.

The reveal

Oh my goodness! It was like Christmas, well anytime I receive anything from online shopping it’s like Christmas, but I was a little more excited about this purchase because I got a good vibe after buying it.

Here’s some pics!




I haven’t written in the planner yet until the rest of my classes start in a few weeks but I’m excited and ready about writing and accomplishing my goals and school priorities.  

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