A Quick Question

Question: Should I tell you guys the reason why I dropped out of college? If I talk about it, I’ll have to wait until Sunday night  because I have a final exam Sunday morning. Talk to you guys later ❤️❤️ Jess

Super Rant Sunday

I'm about two second away from getting on a dang cruise. I feel like I'm a little stuck because I'm tired of being around the same people. I love them, I just need a vacation. I've never been on an airplane and the farthest place I've been to is Clemson, SC and Washington D.C. Guys, [...]

Time for a Break

I love blogging and I love y’all but I have to speak the truth. I am taking a full course load and it’s starting to mess with my anxiety. I’ve been doing breathing exercises and praying to keep calm and it helps. I have so many ideas for the blog but I can’t post them [...]