Anxiety and Psychology Class

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday!!

As you all know I’ve returned to college. Well I had my first mental breakdown of the semester. Why?

Well I was taking a full course load and two of those courses only lasted one month. American Government was going great, but Psychology made me scream. Psychology class assignment entailed, chapter assignments and a discussion, with a certain word count, and APA citation. One chapter assignment took me almost two days to complete. I was finished with the second assignment, when I realized that I had three more assignments due in a few hours. Just a friendly reminder, I WORK 12 FREAKING HOURS!! I had not slept in over 14 hours. I was not about to sacrifice sleep for a paper that I know was going to be critiqued for even the smallest grammar error.

My eyes were burning and I was running in and out of the bathroom because of anxiety. Health note: Heavy urination can be caused by anxiety.  So, I contacted my advisor and financial aid about leaving the class with a W or withdrawing from the class. I was told that it was going to affect my refund, but at that moment, I could care less. I contacted the psychology instructor and told her I had to drop the class. I feel so much more relief and I now I get back to spending some time with you guys. I’ve missed you all so much and I’m glad to be back.

Again, I hope you guys are having a wonderful Sunday and I’ll talk you guys later.



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