Thoughtful Thursday: Nipsey Hussle

This has been heavy on my mind and heart since last week. Nipsey Hussle was an artist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Honestly, I heard about his entrepreneurial and philanthropic actions than the music. I did not know the man, but from his words and aura he brought love, peace and accountability to his music, family, and his community. I have never felt so much sadness from people when they explained his presence in his community. Opening businesses with his money to employ people from his neighborhood, helping the homeless and formerly incarcerated people. Going to colleges and universities to speak with students. Its just a tragedy that someone who was trying to help people in his community was taken away from someone that was from that same community. I pray that his family will find peace in the love he had for them and others. I pray that his community does everything they can to rebuild and to keep his memory alive.

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