It Sucks

I don’t like that I’m not able to blog as much because of classes. I hope that after I pass these classes, I can hang out with you guys again.

Happy Monday

I have to try to have a positive attitude on days I have to go back to work. Try. Sometimes I want to go in, all these homework assignments. I am pooped and before all the moms come in and attack me, no I’m not downplaying y’all. I’m just saying working 12 hours and going [...]

Life Update

Hi guys!!! Its been a while since I've posted so I'm giving an update. I'm in school and math is getting a little better. I mean I got a D at the moment but I know it will get better. History is okay, but I can do better. Work is becoming an issue, especially with [...]

80 Instagram Post Ideas

80 Instagram Post Ideas

I’m so glad you posted this!!! I been stuck like chuck trying to figure out what to post

New Lune

It can be difficult to brainstorming ideas on what to post on Instagram if you have no idea where to start, it doesn’t matter what niche or what type of content you produce. Today I’ve shared with you 80 Instagram post ideas which include beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Il peut être difficile de trouver des idées sur ce qu’il faut publier sur Instagram si vous ne savez pas par où commencer, peu importe le créneau ou le type de contenu que vous produisez. Aujourd’hui, j’ai partagé avec vous 80 idées de post Instagram comprenant la beauté, la mode, le style de vie et les voyages.

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  • A flatlay of your go-to makeup products
  • A makeup of the day (MOTD)
  • A flatlay of your favourite/holy grail makeup products
  • A flatlay of your favourite product with a mini review
  • A flatlay of your…

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