On vacation

Thank God , I’m on vacation until Wednesday. I now the time to chill and finish up on these assignments due next week. I’m not sad that I’m away from work. To be honest, I’m thankful that I have a job and my job is easy, I think some coworkers are full of themselves and are kiss asses. Some have been around for so long that if they hear one bad thing from a person about the job they get offended. The long suffering employees that have been here about ten years and over don’t realize that if something happens to them (god forbid) their replacement by the next week. Let’s not forget about the gossipers. Its more so the women who are miserable in their lives that come into the workplace with drama, talking about their boyfriends. They don’t have control at home so they try to start stuff at work for entertainment value. Then you got the bullshitters, they’re the worst. They act like they work hard when all along, they’ve got nothing done. They get more opportunities because they’re friendly with the supervisors . I may not have any plans for my days off but I find it nice having some time to be here and write.

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