Work Rant Number 120

Why do supervisors feel that you want to stay with the company for 20-30 years when you’ve told them your dreams and aspirations?

Everybody don’t want to stay in a company for 20-30 years, if they do, more power to you but for the ones that don’t and want to use the position as a stepping stone. Also, just because people may not want to stay in the same department, doesn’t mean they automatically want to leave the company, they just want to move up within the company.

I told both my supervisors and their supervisor that I was interested in growing into a supervisor position and its like talking to a doorknob. I think because they’re all men in a predominately male company and a predominately male career field, they know it all. IF anyone is a supervisor and you’re reading this blog remember this: You don’t know everything. Also, always have a contingency plan because you never know what could happen.


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