$ 2,660 paid to get my transcripts, $40 to pay for my application to get into another college, $20 to pay for those transcripts to be transferred. Dealing with a mental slump: priceless. I hate feeling like this and I wouldn’t give this to my worst enemy. I’m here on my day off from work [...]

Week One of School

My first week in school did not start well but I’m going to finish strong and get the tutoring needed to graduate. I have some family issues that I will talk to y’all about later and it just gave me a slump. For some reason these individuals think I’m going to graduate in 2022-2023. Excuse [...]

To Dad

It’s been almost six years since I’ve spoken to my dad. Sometimes I miss him, most of the time though I believe that if you’re not mentally and emotionally capable of being a parent, then stay away.