I’m Not Gay

I think some of my family members think I’m gay. I have never brought a man home to meet my relatives, with the exception of my high school friend Ivan and I believe we’re distant relatives. Another guy named Anthony,  I know he’s a relative because we have the same last name and he has relatives in South Carolina like me. Needless to say, I didn’t want to take that chance. I was involved with a young man for a minute (ten months to be exact) but that was almost ten years ago. Sure there’s been other men but I have always believed that if they aren’t suitable to meet your family (especially parents) do not introduce them to your family. Have your fun with them and then go on about your business. The guy I was kind of involved with for almost two years, although I loved him (or so I thought), had great potential, but that’s the thing, you can’t marry potential because that’s a sure way that will lead to disappointment. Lately, I’ve had family members visiting for family reunions and unfortunately funerals, three of the many relatives have asked me, when I’m getting married, if I’m dating, or when I was having children. Honestly, I want to be married and have children but as you all know, I just started going back to school and I’m trying to earn my bachelors degree. I wouldn’t mind meeting a good man that’s emotionally stable, loyal and ambitious. Right now, especially since the situation with the narcissist, I am on a healing process right now to where I want to start off as friends before becoming lovers. I do not want a friends with benefits, I want to see how a person is as my friend before he becomes my boyfriend and then a husband.


  1. Agreed…. Some people can think the worst because of your living. As you said you want to be friends first and I totally agree. Being friends first is the best route to go these days to get to really know that person. Jumping into a quick relationship an not knowing that person and who that person really is can cause major issues in the long run. So don’t let the negative talk get to you. You know what’s best for you… You be blessed my sweet friend and have a Marvelous fabulous day.. 😊

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  2. People love to place their own story and opinion on anything they have no explanation for. Sometimes you need to get the message out subtly via the town crier where they don’t even realize you slipped them the gossip. 😀

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