I Don’t Wanna Be a Baby Mama

This post is inspired by a Piink Diiva’s Baby Mama Syndrome.

I have been approached twice to be a baby mama. I don’t want to be a baby mama. I want and deserve to be a wife and mother. In one month, I will be 30 years old and I know I want to be married and have a family, but I’m okay with the possibly of not having them. What I’m not okay with is women (particularly black women) that don’t understand or respect my wishes. I could understand if I became pregnant by accident, but to plot and plan to become pregnant by a man that’s not my husband and doesn’t want to be my husband is frightening. Side note: I don’t understand how a woman of today’s technology can get pregnant by accident with all the new birth control medications. If I were to become pregnant and unmarried, I would keep my baby because I consider a child as a beautiful part added to world that could possibly make it a better place.  Cue in Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All. Its just frightening that it’s becoming normal to raise a child alone with little or no help by their father. I’m sorry if I didn’t have the support from my child’s father, I think I would have to hurt him.


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