$ 2,660 paid to get my transcripts, $40 to pay for my application to get into another college, $20 to pay for those transcripts to be transferred. Dealing with a mental slump: priceless. I hate feeling like this and I wouldn’t give this to my worst enemy. I’m here on my day off from work and I’m being a lazy bum. I have my computer open and books out but I can’t get up. I’m home and I’m stuck , I’m mentally stuck, like I need a boost. I don’t have any coffee and even though it’s unhealthy for me, I have no energy drinks.

So you guys ever suffer from a mental slump?

3 thoughts on “Slump

    1. I have and now at 12:24 am I’m up working on these assignments. I find it odd that I get more work done at night than the day. I like to write on the blog and work on stuff here during the day and work on school at night.

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